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2017 was a year of upheaval and pervasive tension. And as our differences became clearer, we needed empathy fueled by imagination to truly understand each other and focus on what unites us.

c|change created a series of seven stories that feature individuals and organizations who exemplify the power of empathy and imagination to touch lives. Here are their stories...

Catharsis Productions

Starting important conversations about interpersonal violence through laughter and honesty.

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Canine Therapy Corps

Harnessing the human-animal bond to help people live happier, healthier lives.

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Neverbird project

Creating a vibrant art space for both deaf and hearing theater audiences and performers.

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hello baby

Creating a culture of community by empowering underserved families with young children.

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Save Abandoned babies foundation

Raising awareness of safe, legal options to prevent newborn abandonment and help parents in crisis.

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Lupus Awareness

Advocating for continued scientific research to improve treatment and advance towards a cure.

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Still point theatre collective

Helping incarcerated women find community and support during a critical time of transition.

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EMPATHY and IMAGINATION are the threads that run through all these stories. To understand issues that may be far away geographically, culturally, and emotionally, we must draw on our ability to empathize. Human imagination helps bridge the divide.

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